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[IC: Boy's 18, Victorian Cabin]

[So after spending a day or so tied up in Cross' room, calming down but failing very much to sleep at all, he has been mostly untied and is tentatively trying to keep himself occupied around the cabin...]
A link to the old floor plan of the Victorian Cabin, which is the second story of Boy's 18.

-- There is an actual kitchen, added ICly by the characters, since Link doesn't have access to the hammerspace in the pantry. It's probably expanded from where the pantry used to be.
-- The fire pole in the living room to the first floor is still there but I imagine proper stairs were added? THERE ARE AT LEAST STAIRS OUTSIDE...

Currently staying there:
Allen Walker
Howard Link
Cross Marian
Naba "Chizu-nee" Chizuru

Link and Allen probably used to use Riff and Sebastian's room since it had two beds but now they're in separate rooms on the other end. :|a... Cross can have Jizabel's room.

Timcampy?? I guess he counts...
Nishi the ugly cat (it probably looks like this)

The Cabin List


[IC: Backdated again]

[SO ANYWAY, BACK IN JULY, LINK DECIDED HE WAS IGNORING ALLEN BECAUSE ALLEN IS DUMB. And then it continued for a week mostly because he was awkward and doesn't know how to apologize for getting mad...]

[IC: Backdated to FOREVER AGO]

[Because this is how we play camp these days.

Anyway, Link is done cleaning up, and has left a note at the mess hall indicating the pies are free to be taken, for those who wish to eat them. He's feeling a bit more subdued now, and is content to head back to his room at Victorian Cannibal Cabin or whatever it's called...

continued from here]

[Info] Canon Compliation

For my own benefit I'm linking all the pages that Link shows up on and making notes/observations 'n stuff. I'll probably also keep track of what pages they are in the tankouban DLs and transcribing the dialogue from that if I think it's important (the translations generally feel slightly more accurate). If I feel really anal I'll go find the Japanese and try to get the meaning out of that to the best of my meager abilities...

ETA: A LOT OF THESE NOTES ARE OLD! This is a reposting with updated links, since my old one linked to OneManga. There may be updated notes here and there but for the most part it's the same. I'll try to catch up to the latest chapter sometime soon.

Beware, there will be a lot of links and rambling as I go through the chapters.Collapse )

Jul. 17th, 2010

[This month of July, Link has been making more filing trips to the library than before, taking two showers a day, deciding to get some air, running to the shop for catfood, and basically making any excuse to be slightly farther from Allen Walker than has become habit.

It's mistletoe season after all.]

((ooc: personal mistletoe post, since I missed all of them.))



:|a Also of note is the fact that he has those face-markings under his eyes like the other Crow show up with. I had been assuming that was some sort of creepy crazy side-effect of them being turned into half-akuma.. and maybe Hoshino just forgot and added it there, but MY BET is that it's face makeup. I mean, I assumed the forehead dots were special marks when I first saw them and then changed it because I second guessed myself but I'M CALLING IT THIS TIME. We'll see if it ever gets proven...

[Meme] lololo

For a guy who is probably never planning to have sex I sure draw him bottoming a lot. :|a sorry Link.

pornzCollapse )


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